Outside-In Project
Creating an LGBTQ-inspired Sanctuary in the UK

Us — Biographical notes


The core group comprises nine people:

Ted Vidler Age 62 (Gay age 32), is a retired teacher and has spent the last 27 years living in shared housing arrangements. Ted has a science background and brings a wide range of practical skills including advanced DIY — wiring, plumbing and insulation. He does not speak Civil Servant nor PlannerSpeak — he knows this and is keen to let others play that role. Ted has allocated a large part of his personal time to community and has organised numerous events for Gay men over the last 15 years.

Contact: tedv-p

Richard Nickols Age 64, was a Psychosynthesis counsellor for 15 years working in private practice, as well as for THT, PACE and the Hungerford Drugs Project, and is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Therapy. Previously he was an actor, and later trained as a group facilitator. 6 years ago he studied to be an interfaith minister at the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London where he is currently a trustee. He practises meditation with a sufi based meditation group.

Contact: richardn-p

Kevin Jackson has a background in local authority policy, organisational performance, occupational and human psychology. He’s pleased to have swapped being an employee for being self-employed. He is a management trainer, life coach and poet, three parallel streams he enjoys converging. He has a long-standing curiosity about group function and group health and as a team facilitator has probably supported 200 teams on their journey. Over the last 6 years Kevin’s interests have morphed into practices for consciousness-raising and those naturally have led to more time in and greater commitment to communities of all kinds. We are social and connection-seeking beings and if we can get past our programming of separateness we can achieve far more together than individually. It is that passion for the possibilities of co-creation that draws him into this project.

Contact: kevinj-p

Alfred Hurst Age 60, is a family/couple group therapist who has had a range of residential experiences including running children’s homes/family centers. He’s lived in a couple of communities — one for 4 years in his twenties and more recently he spent a year living at Findhorn. He’s had involvement in other communities in UK and USA. With Tim Foskett, he co-founded Loving Men (lovingmen.org), the PACE groupwork programme and North London Group Therapy (NorthLondonGroupTherapy.co.uk). He has a doctorate in systemic psychotherapy and has served on a couple of management committees. He has a love of organic gardening / cooking and enjoys artistic activities and cares about the environment and developing communities.

Contact: alfredh-p

Tim Foskett, age 47, is a group and individual psychotherapist, 5 Rhythms dance teacher and workshop leader living in London. He is a co-director of Loving Men (lovingmen.org), and between 1995 and 2008 managed and led the PACE training and group work programme for gay/bi men in London, among other things. He is a clinical associate with Pink Therapy, the UK’s largest provider of training on LGBTQ themes. He has experience in fundraising, management, residential and non-residential groupwork provision, and has run ongoing psychotherapy groups for more than a decade. He has connections with a number of intentional communities and retreat centres including Easton Mountain, The Findhorn Foundation and Laurieston Hall.

Contact: timf-p

Peter Facey, age 58, after a career managing residential homes and fieldwork services for social services departments in London, he moved some 10 years ago to work as a physical therapist and IT/Computer support service for clients in their homes. Peter has a long association with both ECC and Loving Men, and works as the Administrator for Loving Men. He has an active interest in DIY and refurbishing properties and brings a variety of skills including currently acting as secretary for the consortium.

Contact: peterf-p

Peter Davey, age 62, is a housing and charity consultant. He specialises in helping organisations improve their governance, service quality and resident involvement. He co-wrote the latest edition of the National Housing Federation’s Leadership and Control: A governance manual for board members. He has helped found two housing associations and is a trustee of three charities: Thames Reach (ex-street homeless people), Stonewall Housing (LGBTQ young people) and Edward Carpenter Community Trust (gay men and lesbians). He has a long standing interest in living in community.

Contact: peter-dp

Peter Clode, age 48, is a business consultant and massage therapist and has experience of communities in the UK, USA, India and New Zealand and has organised and co-lead a variety of retreats and workshops. Peter has been chief exec of a company with 170 staff and also served as a charitable trustee. Peter is inspired by the project to create a community and a haven and place of retreat and study for gay people.

Contact: peterc-p

ma, age 49, combines psychoanalytically-informed retreat-giving and spiritual direction with work in web and typographic design, music and art. He’s worked for over a decade in retreat centres in the UK, principally ost, stb and the URC’s Windermere Centre. He is indebted to the Reformed and Ignatian strands of Christianity, and has been profoundly enriched by experiences of people and spirituality in south-east Asia. He’s been a trustee of several charities and been involved in ecumenical and interfaith work nationally, regionally and locally in the UK. He’s a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations and of the Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society (Opus).

Contact: marka-p
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